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Communication platform for development of e-markets in local communities


  • Local, transnational & global meeting points
  • Tailor-made user profile and communities
  • A place where you can give each other a helping hand
  • E-markets developed inside communities
  • Sophisticated tools (Auctions, Services, Initiatives, Projects etc)
  • Advanced privacy settings


  • Your business and social life finally in one place
  • Company profile for networking with employees, consumers and business partners
  • Tools that will make your consumers more active & involved in the company life
  • Designed especially for small and medium enterprises


  • A place to meet potential business partners – business clubs
  • A place to communicate within your industry and get involved in common initiatives
  • A more integrated approach to social media (an extension of important channel strategies and business functions)
  • Joint business ventures by small and medium enterprises

E -markets

  • A place to advertise & sell your goods or services
  • Local or industry specific
  • Managed by users themselves (via administrator licenses)
  • 3D visualizations of cities and trade centers in e-markets
  • Full spectrum of social media
  • Building communities around local e-markets
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  • Site available in 4 languages

Business model

  • Licenses for running local e-markets and business clubs
  • Placement-targeted advertisement. All the elements are categorized (communities, markets, company profiles, user’s interests, skills and qualifications as well as shopping or service offers). Any advertisement can be placed in the perfect spot for the target group.

E-commerce and social media are the two sides of the same coin and are forecasted to grow together and embrace more and more industries. Not only is social media marketing becoming a necessity, but also the companies’ strategies tend to take a more integrated approach where social media becomes an extension of important channel strategies and business functions. What is more, we can observe a continuous integration of our social and business life. Sites that we use for connecting with friends and sharing thoughts and pictures with people we know, are now swarmed with advertising and business activities. Want it or not, we are all a part of the huge social media business machine. The variety of available social media, however, fail to satisfy all the needs of both individual and business users. Hence, we are forced to be using a different site for different purposes, which causes confusion and is time consuming.

Neiberia is a new communication platform integrating the social and business aspects of our lives, offering sophisticated tools and proposing a new form of on-line business cooperation.

Everything in Neiberia is tailor-made as you can choose between a wide variety of functionalities basing on your own needs. A registered user can have both personal and company profile and create and participate in communities (either informal or business oriented) and e-markets. Both communities and e-markets may be global, transnational or local. The locality here being a key factor, as in the world where everything tends to be going global, more and more people do not even know their neighbors. That is why Neiberia is intended to “Go local” as opposed to most social media and enable us to communicate and do business within our neighborhoods (please note that for some people or industries this locality might not be geographical at all). As such, Neiberia has been designed especially to cater for the needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Neiberia provides tools designed for electronic markets such as offers, commissions, shopping, auctions, skill swap and recommendations. Moreover, it supports planning and realization of joint business projects in the form of quasi automated business processes, i.e. compositions of simple services. There are also traditional communication tools like events, chats, forums, galleries, blogs, comments and polls as well as innovative ones such as initiatives and projects.

Company profiles establish meeting places for both employees and consumers. Therefore enabling both convenient on-line communication and project management within the company, as well as building up an engaged community of consumers actively involved in the company life. Since the continuous empowerment of the consumer seems to be inevitable, Neiberia focuses not only on B2C but also C2B communication.

Creating B2B cooperation communities both inter and intra industry enables the companies to find and communicate easily with business partners, cooperate in order to protect their rights and interests, or for the purpose of discovering, planning and execution of business ventures.

E-markets give both individual users and companies the opportunity to offer and advertise their products and services. They can be built into an existing community or evolve new communities around them. A special license will be granted to the market administrator making him both responsible for the market as well as entitled to the possible profits resulting from market management. An interesting add-on to the e-markets in Neiberia is their integration with 3D models of cities and trade centers. This feature was requested for the grant of a European patent.

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Technical Description

Electronic markets and social media are the two sides of the same coin. Social activity is strongly related to business and vice versa. Although e-markets can be global and transnational, the communities are always local, where locality means that a relatively small group of people are close to each other with respect to some criteria, so that they want to communicate, cooperate, help each other and make business together. Interestingly, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can form communities like ordinary people. These communities are more business oriented, so that e-markets are perfect meeting venues to support their cooperation, discussions, joint planning and realization of business ventures. Existing social and business services (like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn ) are global, whereas existing e-markets are usually oriented toward a specific industry offshoot.

Neiberia integrates widely known and used (however, so far separately) business and social activities, and proposes a new form of business cooperation, mainly for SMEs. The platform is flexible and allows to create different kinds of electronic communities by individuals as well as business users. The communities may have social, business or mixed character, depending on the configuration of the available tools. The kinds of communities include societies, companies (as communities of employers and employees), cooperation of a group of companies and finally the most important one, the electronic markets that are built in into these communities. Moreover, new communities may be developed around stand alone local e-markets.

Users of Neiberia can act as clients (regular users) as well as service providers (managers of SMEs). In this sense, communities created within Neiberia correspond to a classic C2B and B2C relations. Hence, Neiberia is not a typical social networking site such as Facebook, or Google +. The fundamental difference consists in the introduction of new structures corresponding to real communities with B2C and B2B relation (e-markets as meeting places) between their members. The communities are essential here; individual users and their business relations are visible only through the communities they belong to.

Neiberia provides business functionalities typical for electronic markets such as offers, commissions, sales, auctions, sharing skills, and recommendations. It also supports planning and realization of joint business projects in the form of quasi automated business processes, i.e. compositions of simple services. Neiberia provides also traditional forms of communication such as events, chats, forums, galleries, blogs, and comments. The Neiberia platform has been also extended to include functionalities supporting business communities (corresponding to Business networking, Business clubs, etc.) for SMEs. The functionalities related to business allow for:

  • Defining business profile of a company.
  • Defining semantic description of services provided by a company (based on the definitions of service types stored in the Dictionary).
  • Creating B2B cooperation communities. They can be used by companies of similar type which, e.g., cooperate in order to protect their rights and interests, or for the purpose of discovering, planning and execution of business ventures in a group of companies from different industries.

Similar technologies are emerging, such as IBM Connections and which are defined for small and medium enterprises as an equivalent of Facebook and Google+ for SMEs. So far they are based on the classic (Facebook) model and are not so advanced in applying the business functionalities as the Neiberia platform. An interesting add-on to the e-markets in Neiberia is their integration with 3D models of cities and trade centers. With this add-on, Neiberia’s inventors have applied for an EU patent.

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